Andrew Getty

American heir.
Died on Tuesday March 31st 2015

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@Kev_Andrew: @michael_getty it's something that annoys me too, learnt my lesson after the first time. Hope they manage to explain/sort it for you asap.

@michael_getty: @Kev_Andrew and I'm not usually a complainer

@michael_getty: @Kev_Andrew hope so, can't wait to get speaking to someone

@michael_getty: @Kev_Andrew new website will be too late for me I've already paid for mine

@Kev_Andrew: @michael_getty I'm sure Aer Lingus will get back to you tomorrow, bit late to be in office now, they're normally very good in that respect.

@Kev_Andrew: @michael_getty very cleverly worded I think, new website on the way should make it clearer though, you're not the first to mention this.

@michael_getty: @Kev_Andrew surely advertising standards or something like that have to make things like that clear?

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