Abdallah Kamal

Egyptian newspaper journalist
Died on Friday June 13th 2014

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@abdallah_jaber_: RT @OLCHSniceos: @Markie60453 @Kamal_CB1 Kamal?? Believe it or not hes a pretty niceos guy himself i have to say. But not niceos enough to …

@KimyaNaf: Abdallah Ahm ED Omar Soudy Omar Soudy Abdelrahman Aly Saleh http://t.co/CzfHETXvSG

@abdallah_jaber_: @Kamal_CB1 inshallah bro hmu

@Kamal_CB1: @abdallah_jaber_ caught. Sorry bb i was so tired. Ill see you tomorrow


@abdallah_jaber_: @Kamal_CB1 you left without saying goodbye 😕

@hamadae739: Abdallah Dahi Ahmed Badawy Ahmed Osman Mohammed Salah Osama Soliman Beshoy Habib Mahmoud Kamal احمد الشريف سلمى... http://t.co/zPuygcsUcl

@LodaElMasri: Mostafa Qassem Mina Yousry N Eng Abdallah Mego Ahmed Kamal :D :D Ahmed Saeed وايه كمان علينا استراكشر :D http://t.co/skzW1U7Ltp

@Deape23: Baby fadil kamal abdallah unyu unyu unyu 😚😚😚 [pic] — https://t.co/gv3lNXuCCi

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