A. James Clark

American billionaire engineer
Died on Friday March 20th 2015

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Tweets related to A. James Clark:

@kee_neow: @james_clark @chomsowhat Well, that settles it. This is a Britishism meaning "unpleasant." @marklomax12

@ryden_hedgehog: @ememilyluv -he smiles brightly, bowing to her- My name is Ryden, Ryden James Clark, it's a pleasure to b your brother~

@NeuvooHosMan: Clark James is looking for a #Cleaner in #Manchester, apply now! #jobs http://t.co/W0wt9QX5Kq

@NeuvooFinUK: Clark James is looking for a #Commercial #Account Broker in #Birmingham, apply now! #jobs http://t.co/4F6l1Yq7gw


@TommyyFroddyy: RT @craiglawton94: James Roby. What a player. Showed Clark up again. What a day

@craiglawton94: James Roby. What a player. Showed Clark up again. What a day

@tylerj_pollard: James Clark - unions need to organize to avoid a strike; but prepare for one nonetheless #accute2015 #CongreSSH

@QueenAnsell: Loving James Jesus Clark news that he managed to get a 2:2 in ballet!!!!

@MrRedway2: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Foo0nveIzA Ross Clark - GDP. Gerald Celente - Cuba Hot For Investments? James Corbett - China.

@NeuvooHosMan: Clark James is hiring a #Cleaner, apply now! (#Manchester) #jobs http://t.co/W0wt9QX5Kq

@Virgin_TrainsEC: @natalie1702 @James_D_Clark Have a good trip Natalie!

@palaciosabas: 1881 Life and Work of James A. Garfield by John Clark Ridpath http://t.co/rbuBdiuyiJ http://t.co/EkOdAVF8m2

@senseibeall: Benjamin James Clark http://t.co/v60VpgpmD7

@ClarkPest: We are so happy with the service from James at Clark pest control. He provides a great consistent job each time... http://t.co/tR8uKITGYd

@BrighidK: RT @ninjaoutcast: @DurbinRock hey James would you want a dick Clark black denim jacket? http://t.co/2ZKUhf5NlE

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